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Lawn edging is one of the many services that a landscape contractor can offer for their customers. This is an important way to separate your grass area from your flower beds and walkways. Lawn edging has several benefits including giving you a much cleaner looking mowing line to follow. It also helps keep mulch and gravel in the beds where you want it, and not spilling out over into your lawn area. The most common type of edging offered is just a declined cut at a lawn’s edge, creating a trench. However, since these trenches fall inward over time as a result of weather and must be re-cut, a lot of homeowners actually choose a low maintenance edger made of metal or plastic.

Another service that many landscapers offer is mulching. This is one of the most effective methods you can use in your garden. Mulch is a protection or layer of a material laid out over top of the soil. Mulch can be organic, made from dead grass, leaves or straw or it can be inorganic and include gravel and stones. Mulch has a lot of benefits, including protecting your soil from eroding, preventing of a lot of weed growth, allowing human access to the garden without getting muddy, and providing an overall, clean and finished look to your beds.

Picking up pruned branches and shrubs, raking up unused mulch, or even power blowing your driveway area are other services performed by landscape maintenance services. Leaving the job site in a better and more appealing condition than before they arrived is their main goal.


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