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Enjoy Every Inch of Your Property

A great yard allows you to fully enjoy your property, which is probably why you bought it to begin with! Whether you’re planning a complete redo of your existing landscaping (or lack of it), or simply need your lawn and flower beds edged, Lindsay Landscaping & Lawn Care is here to serve you. We have the tools, equipment, manpower, knowledge, and experience to bring your plans, however big or small, to life.

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Since 2000, we’ve been supplying clients throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming with the landscaping services they need. From grading and leveling lots to planting grass, laying sod, installing rock and water features, and more, we do it all. We would be happy to provide you with examples of our work, a list of references, a free consultation, and a no-cost estimate. We believe in working hard and charging fair rates; and our clients appreciate that.

Don’t Let Your Lawn Get Thirsty

In addition to creating beautiful lawns and landscaping, we install and repair sprinkler systems. We carry Hunter and Rain Bird brands, but will work on systems made by any manufacturer, whether or not we installed them.

We Move Snow, Too!

When winter weather sets in, we switch gears from dirt, rocks, and grass, to snow. We offer one-time and full-season residential and commercial snow removal services. Call early to secure your spot on our list, and let us clean out your driveway, pathway, or parking lot while you enjoy the cold weather from the comfort of your home or office.


  • Design and Planning
  • Hardscapes: Retaining Walls, Firepits, Stone Patios, Pavers
  • Water Features: Ponds, Streams, Fountains
  • Gardens: Flower Bed Edging and Mulching
  • Dirt Work: Leveling and Grading

Residential Landscaping

Whether you are building a new house or reinvigorating your current residence’s surroundings, you can count on Lindsay Landscaping to maximize your home’s curb appeal with our exhaustive landscaping services. We’re eager to learn what you would like to achieve with your landscaping project, and will take pleasure in implementing all of your instructions to the letter. If you would rather put everything in the hands of our experts, we’re certain you’ll love the design we’ll custom tailor to your property.

We work with professionals for all their landscaping needs as well. Contact us today if you are a general contractor and would like a passionate, local landscaper to put the finishing touches on your new build. Ditto if you are a property manager and wish to attract the highest caliber of tenants!

Commerical Landscaping

Are you constructing a new commercial property – or remodeling an existing one? Don’t overlook its landscaping! Once it has been impeccably landscaped, your retail store, shopping center, hotel, restaurant, cafe or medical center is certain to make an enormous impact on your clients. Your team members will also value their roles more highly if they arrive to work at a gorgeous property each day. When you choose Lindsay Landscaping for your commercial landscaping needs, you’re certain to make a big impact!

Lawn Care

  • Installation: Grass Seeding, Sodding, Tree, Hedge, and Bush Planting
  • Sprinkler Systems: Installation

Vinyl Maintenance

  • Siding, Fences, and More

Snow Removal

  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Porches, Parking Lots

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We Install Rocks & Ponds

A Beautiful Yard is Just a Phone Call Away

Rock walls and water features, such as ponds and fountains, increase property values and add beauty and serenity to any landscape. If you’re interested in having a rock wall or pond installed on your Wyoming, Utah, or Idaho property, please contact Lindsay Landscaping & Lawn Care for a free consultation. We bring over two decades of experience to every job we do!

Pond Installation

Installing a pond or water fountain to your landscape not only enhances its natural beauty, it introduces the relaxing sound of water to your life. Lindsay Landscaping & Lawn Care has installed a number of unique water features for area home and business owners, ranging from the quiet and subtle, to lively attention grabbers. Since 2000, we have installed ponds of all shapes, sizes, and complexities, including many with rock waterfalls, fountains, and koi habitats.

When designing a pond, it’s imperative to choose a good location. The rock features and other components used will determine how natural your new pond or stream looks and how easy it is to maintain. Lindsay Landscaping & Lawn Care understands the ins and outs of planning and executing the perfect pond, one that will add beauty and joy to your life for years to come.

Rock Features

Landscaping is often thought of as decorative. While that is often the case, hardscaping with such features as fire pits, patios, or rock retaining walls will not only add interest, but can actually add privacy, prevent erosion, mark boundaries, decrease damage from wind and rain, and even control snow drifting.

Installing rock fences, retaining walls, or other structures on your property requires skill and experience. One must take soil type and slope into consideration and plan accordingly. Getting the basics wrong can lead to poor drainage, too much drainage, or excess pressure on the structure, which may eventually collapse, sending mud and rock on paths, lawns, gardens, and driveways. Call Lindsay Landscaping & Lawn Care today, and we’ll put 2 decades of experience to work in making your property come to life.

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